Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smell The Roses ( And the Azaleas )

I have a cold 
My nose is stuffed .. 
I can not smell - or taste a thing 
I am trying so hard not to be miserable 
Up since three am - my infamous witching hour - I was finally able to doze back off to sleep just before the sunrise. 
Johnny left EARLY 
The house was so still … 
Soon - I heard a bird - and then another 
They were beckoning me to rise 
I got a cup of coffee and went out on the back deck 
Manifesting a vision the Jenn Bear has of me - I began to think  and then jot down some of my thoughts 
Reality is changing once again
Or is it ?  
Maybe it is just coming full circle
The circle of life … 
The sun rises over the lake 
My ducks are back 
As they swim quietly by the end of the dock I suddenly become aware of the fact that in this silence I can hear all … 
In this instance - my life - and my journey - become more clear
I am calmed
I turn to east and notice a squirrel perched on the edge of the rail
It is as if he wants to remind me 
The azaleas are beginning to bloom 
Enjoy their beauty for it is unique and in and of itself an irreplaceable moment in time 
Time I have been given 
A gift 
And so - it doesn't matter that I can not smell the roses
I can sense them 
I can feel them 
I am alive 


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