Saturday, February 20, 2010

On The Road ( Again )

I had so forgotten the FUN I have had thru the years by just driving...
This past week - circumstance - fate - and perhaps a little bit of blind siding luck took me back out on the road.
Serendipitously - my son has recently become a long haul truck driver.
Was the Universe indicating their approval by allowing me another peek into this world I had so enjoyed and he was now entering?
Whatever the reason - there I was - climbing into the pre packed utility van on a dark and chilly pre dawn morning.

My travel mate - Peter - had already done some 50 miles just to pick me up at my door.
Caffeine in hand and armed with great fortitude and determination we headed out into the wild dark but soon to be blue yonder.
Laredo is a mid sized city on the Texan / Mexico boarder,
Our purpose was to deliver materials to the broker for an upcoming job the company is doing in Mexico City next month.
The round trip included almost 800 miles for the day.
No matter – I was up for the challenge.
In fact – I was looking forward to it!
There were the obligatory “pee stops” … the snacks breaks and of course the fueling up but for the most part we just drove right on thru.
Texas is “big” and the drive – which was primarily on the hwy – was laden with mostly long flat (and yes – sorry Texans) boring open spaces.

We amused ourselves with the radio … finding two stations that played older “pop” selections from the 70 and 80’s.
Down memory lane we compared the “where we were” and “what we were doing when” AFTER we competed for the honour of “who is the artist” and “what year was the hit” took place.
Ill just say it was a tie because most of the time we were just lost in the moments …
During the journey I ate too much “junk” food (especially the donut holes from Krispy Crème but Kat would never have forgiven me if I had not indulged), 

drank too many carbonated beverages (including a Red Bull which Peter later regretted ever having let me consume as I apparently went into “over drive”) and gave away too many secrets which I hope and pray will eventually be forgotten  … LOL.

All in all though – what a GREAT Day!   

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Bed Bug

It was a late night for us last night ... 
I dont think I actually drifted off to sleep until well after 1 am - but thats another story - TBC
It was such a pleasure to open my eyes to the sunshine this morning !
The wind was dancing up the lake creating white caps that - as they hit the shore - bounced off the bulk head
It truely is a magnificent site
You could hear the chatter of the birds as they all joined chorus to celebrate the arrival of the new day ...
The BEST part though was being snuggled up in the bed with my girls and Johnny 
THAT doesnt happen very often
I rose to put the coffee pot on and let the pups do their morning duties 
They too were elated to see the sun which has been absent for some time now 
If this were another place perhaps we all would not be so obsessed but here - in Texas - it is suppose to be "sunny" ( most of the time ) 
With all the cold temperatures and rain of late you would swear we were in Seattle or some such other " weather trodden" place
Anyway - with the dogs watered and fed and the morning beverage cups prepared - filled to the brim with love and affection - I toddled on back to bed where I was greeted with a warm smile and hug. 
As age has become us both we then reached in unison to our nightstand drawers and pulled out our weapons of choice - the spectacles which would allow us to engage in the coming event
Armed with our materials - he with a novel - 1984 to be exact - and I will my manuals - for I am preparing to take another certification ... we prepped the pillows and hunkered in for what would be one of the loveliest mornings we have spent TOGETHER in a long time 
You see - it isnt so much what you say but what you do - and more importantly - how you do it - especially when you are with the ones you profess to love 
Quality time - shared - separate - yet - only a touch and a breath away 
Small moments that last a lifetime 
Simple yet filled with a genuine affection
Thats what was here in our bed this morning and I am so grateful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to have it 
One moment in time that will last an eternity.