Monday, April 5, 2010

Revisiting Drama ( and Passion ) - July 08

Sometimes I feel like Carrie Bradshaw ... 
I have this little voice that speaks to me ALL day long 
Commenting on the strangest of things 
Lately - I have been speaking to myself about DRAMA 
And although these two things may seem a dichotomy at first  - they are - 
to me – intricately related 
I view them as almost a ying and a yang 
I have often times be referred to as overly dramatic 
Perhaps a bit of a drama queen 
Nothing compared to some others I know - but that is a whole other blog
Anyway - I still contend that I am merely passionate 
Two very different things - and here is why ... 
I have come to think that drama - especially in the context of today society tends to be bolstered and perhaps even perpetuated by unspoken truths, superficiality and at times down right deception
It often appears to be driven by negativity
It - the drama - seems to feed off itself and the twisted energy from which it it is spawn 
Passion is MUCH different 
Passion - to me - is a FEELING - beyond description - to the depths of ones soul - or at least mine – to do or say what emerges from within 
Sometimes it is a driving force motivating us to go far beyond what we ever thought possible 
It doesn’t really matter what the stimuli
What matters is the source 
Its intentions 
There is no malice 
Though perhaps - at times - because of the intensity - and contradiction to everything else around it - which is usually the drama I have previously eluded to - and its lack of honourable intention - it is received as such 
The point is - when we are pure in heart - only trying to be true to ourselves - and others - why are we so often ostracized and condemned 
I live a passionate life 
I always have 
It is a lonely road most of the time 
Though there are visitors - they rarely have the courage to stay 
It is work 
It is not easy 
But it is - at the end of the day - most rewarding to me. 

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