Monday, April 5, 2010

On Being Alone ( June 08 )

I have been thinking a lot these days about the state of being alone
Now - this is not to be confused with being lonely
It is a thought that I have visited - and re visited - many times over the past few years
I have come to realize that there is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely
The first is simply a physical state
The second an emotional one
I believe this is something that many people struggle with and often confuse over the course of their lives
I think it is paramount that people learn to be alone
As uncomfortable as it initially is
Sit with it
Embrace it
After all - it is one of the ultimate human experiences
We come into this world alone - and as so also we must leave it
Is it not unfair to use another human beings presence just to scratch an itch or fill a void that we are somehow unable to cope with by ourselves? 
Refrain from filling up an empty space or yearning by simply substituting the next best thing - or even worse - that which is readily available and easy
This is unfair to both ourselves and the person whom we use
If opportunity - and life - find you "alone"
Sit with it
If you are still enough you will hear yourself breath
You will hear your heartbeat
You will hear YOU
Everything may become a little clearer
And you may just find yourself in a higher state of awareness and being 
Alone - but not lonely
PS Obviously - you may also be in a crowd of people - very much not alone - and yet - somehow - the loneliest you will ever be

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