Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mothers Day ( revisited ) - May 2008

Another Mothers Day has come and gone ...and I - for one - am glad !
Its sort of like Christmas
With the entire commercial hoof er rah I think the meaning of Mothers Day has somehow been lost or overlooked at best.
This year Mothers Day was kind of "weird" 
Not only did I not have - or see - either of my two spawns - but I did not receive anything directly from them either one of them either ...
BJ did give me a very brief call - first thing in the morning - and Im talking 7 amish here ... but then preceded to ask me if I had ordered his fishing lures yet  ( the ones he can not buy on line because he doesnt have a debit card and his father - the Sperm Donner - wont get for him )
Anyway ... no big deal because I spent the day doing something I LOVE 
( hanging out at the drop zone and jumping out of airplanes )
During the day my thoughts obviously drifted back to days gone by and my own mother - for whom which I bought and sent the obligatory card and made the aforementioned phone call - neither of which I am convinced will register as she is now in the initial stages of Alzheimer’s.
That having been said - I remembered something she told me years back when we made our reconciliation after not having talked for almost five long years ...
She told me she never really wanted anything for me other than for me to be "happy"
Well - I dont buy into the whole "happy" thing but ... what I DO think is that I really dont want - or need ANYTHING from my kids either other than them to be content with themselves and the environment they create ... to be open to all the choices life has to offer - to be "their best"
( not "the best" ) at whatever they do choose to do - and to be accountable for those choices and subsequent actions ...
Oh - and I want them to ENJOY this journey we call Life and ALL that it has to offer as well because - as I have learned - its not so much the destination - as we may never get there - but the journey itself and lessons along the way that give us the opportunity to become who we are meant to be ! 

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