Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fear ( and The Witching Hour ) - Jan 2008

Its 3 o clock in the morning ...
My Grandpa use to call it the witching hour
He said to never deny your self the privilege of being open to whatever the Universe has to tell you during this time.
Years later I heard Dr Wayne Dyer say much the same thing
All I know is that some of my greatest insights and creative work comes to me when I am aroused or wakened during this time
My electro magnetic field is spinning...
Rather than disrupt JTs sleep ( for a second night in a row ) I got up , took some more cough medicine and began to write down what has come upon my heart
Its raining here - and the sound of rain - hitting the roof is calming and disruptive - both at the same time
That got me to thinking - much of life is like that too.
There are always two - or more - ways to look at things
Simplistically - the glass is either half empty or half full.
Its all in our perception
And each of us do - and must - have our own
( perception )
It is what makes us our own unique individual
It gives us our identity
The irony of it all of course is that we are in fact all one
Each of us a part of the whole
Call it God - the Source - or Universe
There is an undeniable thread that links us all one to another.
Ok - here is the kicker
My epiphany as it were
ALL things in life are not only related to each other but here - in the human state - they are bound by fear
The key to our evolution may in fact be in our ability to rise above - control - or perhaps most importantly - reconcile and deal with it
This is what I now firmly believe
Our basic human instinct is to be loved
That is our driving motivation - emotionally - once our primal needs - food and protection - are met.
Think about it
Im on a roll here
We are ALL afraid of "being alone" - not being loved ...
We want to feel a connection
On some rudimentary level - that social level - as humans - we are driven to seek and engage in others.
Some more than others - some more aware of it - but all of us - as humans - have this need
All emotions are based in fear - or should I say - a direct defense against it
They are outward espressions of this root ( fear )
The more passionate the emotion - the greater the fear - but the root fear is being alone - not being LOVED
Lack of connection
The more intellectually evolved one is - the better they are able to assimilate and control their emotions
Only a select few will ever be able to ascend to a level and dimensional vibration of spiritual awareness where they understand and can co exist with this matter
And - because of the human condition - the fallen consciousness- never for extended periods of time
We must grasp at those insightful moments and strive to attain the lesson
Think about all those people with anger management problems
They work so hard at learning how to control their emotions
But how many of them seek the truth
Or what I believe it to be
How many of them look inside themselves - go to the root cause - the fear - and deal with that.
Its got to be the same in all of us
We are all human
By recognizing your fear of being alone it frees you to accept and work with it.
I think thats why I seldom get "angry"
I shift very quickly into sadness and embracing my "fear" .
Side bar
A book
"Transcending Fear" - by my friend Brian Germain
Life altering for those who choose to take the message
The rain is stopping now
It is getting quiet ...
My medicine is working and I feel like sleep is again now not far off
Im GLAD I wrote this
I think there are some of you out there who will relate
I hope ...
The Universe has been kind in sharing with me and
As Always
I am trying to Pay It Forward

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