Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday April 16 2010 - Mexico City - Day 2

Day two of the Mexican adventure …
Didn’t sleep well last night
Ate too much at dinner I think (?)
Frustrated with the internet situation at job site and feeling cut off from the world
Never realized how isolated I am and how much I depend on the conversation or at least the voyeurism of the facebook community
I am now ready to admit I have no real relationships in Conroe and I am much more a social person than I had thought
Thru the internet I am at least able to communicate and be communicated with …
Sad commentary
It is what it is
Moving on
The earth is rumbling …
Earthquakes, volcanoes and I am sure soon to be hurricanes the likes of which we have never seen
I truly believe that
Tea Parties
Is it too little too late
Wake up people
I look off into the distance
At 930 am you can not see the mountains thru the smog
People are playing tennis on the courts below
Terra Cotta
That’s the colour of many of the buildings and rooftops
There has to be a reason why
Three new workmen arrive
Something to do with the sprinkler system which has to be moved
All of them are well dressed and very aromatic 
That seems to be a thing here with the men
Lots of cologne
Some of it quite pungent and not at all pleasant
That and given the fact when several of them gather together there is often a clashing of the smells
I hear the helicopter though it is nowhere in site
BJ calls
Nice to hear his voice
He seems to be handling the transition from duo / team  to single truck driving well
Praise the Lord
My paper work / invoices are all caught up
The itinerary is complete for the next two days
I have my “to do” list ready for when I get back to the hotel and have access to the internet
Photos downloaded and cataloged
Ready for upload – again – when I get internet
The maid is busy doing the morning dishes
I swept the floor from where Johnny had made a mess
Tools are in order
Trash has been collected
Back to my book … and jelly beans
Midmorn – Mr Manzanilla strides into the kitchen with greetings
He wants to know if we are on or ahead of schedule
I tell him I think we are ahead ( though it is only the day two )
We chat about the beautiful view I have from my perch in the corner of the kitchen
He assures me the one on the other side of the house is equally nice if not better
With a pat on my head and a gentle smile he wishes me adieu and again - I return to my book
Needing sound
iTunes …
After several minutes Jonnis song “You Belong To Me” comes on
I am flooded with emotion
Tears stream down my face
It is what I want …
James Morrison “You Give Me Something” …
It is what I need …
Romance ?
Not really
Just affection and unconditional love
The feeling that someone knows and cares
To have that whole in my heart filled
To be complete
Is that possible ?
Switching gears my mind wanders to the other side of the world where one of the greatest joys of my life is embarking on her own
As her birthday approaches my mind is pulled back to a time and place I long to return to
A place filled with hope
It was all so clear
Nothing ever brought me down
Purpose and clarity
But now …
Where am I
What am I doing
If you cant contribute or are not acknowledged what is the point ?
If you are not needed – or wanted – how can you justify your existence
“If We Hold On Together” ( Land Before Time )
The butterfly is back …
As if the Universe is telling me – hang on – just a little longer
He / She ( the butterfly ) was a metaphor in the “Alice” movie too
It is what drives – motivates – and centres me
Perhaps foolish
But it is “me”
Sebrina just called …
All my fears and doubts from tunnel have been lifted
“Rock Your Soul”
Thank You Jonni~Renee
Glancing down on the rooftops
There is laundry
Even in this swanky neighbourhood
How funny
“ I Wanna Be One With You”
But who is that ?
I thought I knew
Now I am not so sure
“ I feel closer to the clouds”
“My desires are these”
Body piloting is freedom for me
It consumes me
Can it be shared or am I on a solo flight and journey?
That’s what they call the purple plant / tree according to Mr Manzanilla
I still think it may be wisteria
I am going to look it up as soon as I can get on line
Its 1 oclock already …
Im hungry
Everyone is working
Im still hungry
Back to my book though it is getting increasingly hard to concentrate
Im hungry
It is so silent now that I can hear the buzzing of the lights … and the rumbling of my tummy
The dog barks
Below in the alley he is addressing what appears to be a cat
I wonder how hard it is for an animal to learn different dialects?
I mean – for sure this dog speaks Spanish
My dogs speak English
But what if I was to bring them here or take that one home ?
How quickly would they adjust to the commands in a new language ?
Nap time
If I cant eat I will shut my eyes and return to my dreams and inspirations
Marty – why dont you see about lunch
I asked Vincente to ask Megal where I could go to get food
Somehow – twenty minutes later it was ascertained that lunch had already been ordered from Starbucks
Mr Manzanilla appeared from nowhere
He spoke directly to me
He said he was uncomfortable with us eating anything other than from Starbucks or the Hotel
I agreed
We waited
I glanced up at the mountains which were now in full view again
When the clouds roll over and the sun disappears the mountains come out of hiding
I can hear the servants rustling with the bags
I know lunch has arrived
Much the same as yesterdays with the exception of one sandwich which was specifically doled out to Johnny
We ate and then everyone got back to work
Though today is much quieter – much less banging going on – it appears to be far more productive
I think we really are ahead of schedule
I placed my nose back into my book
I am determined to complete it during the trip
Suddenly I smell bananas
It seems to be coming from the ceiling which I would think is next to impossible as it is all torn apart here in the kitchen
Perhaps I am hallucinating?
I have done worse
It would be interesting to now the symbolism behind bananas
I will put it on my list of things to do when I get back on line this evening
Dust covers  my keyboard
The mountains are fading away on the horizon
The sun – as can be predicted / expected – is reappearing
I can also now smell a faint hint of the iron board and starch the maid is obviously processing the laundered cloths with
It was particularly strong whilst I was in the bathroom as her chambers are just off to the right.
That smell takes me back to Magharah when Glady used to starch and press Grandma Vivies things
Mr Manzanilla wanders thru the room
It is now after 4pm
I am almost sure he wants us gone for the day
In his quiet, understated manner he is still almost defiant
It is apparent to me he does not like having people in his space or disrupting his very well laid out plan and routine
In other words – he is merely tolerating our presence
Another crank in my neck
I must have dozed off …
Its almost half past 5
Mr Manzanilla is anxious
I hear the guys cleaning up
I guess that’s my que to get at it too

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