Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fear and / Of Love ( march 2008 )

Thinking about FEAR ( again )
What IS it that allows this 'thing' to consume us ... ?
I have come to believe it is a constant demon - lurking in the subconscious of us all
When the veil is lifted - the barrier between what we know and what we feel is pierced - this 'thing' seems to come rushing to the fore front
I REALLY believe - at the root of ALL human 'fear' - is the FEAR of not being LOVED
Therefore - it is now my task to define such ...  ( 'love' )
I am determined to let go of the past
I am determined not to think about ( or fear ) the future
I am determined to be in the present and absorb ALL
( that I am humanly capable of ) 
This is my duty and repentance for this gift of life I have been given
And so - in this moment - with my new reality and quest ... I stay still - allow it all to come to me - and gain the ability to move on
More to follow

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