Friday, April 2, 2010

I Got Nominated For An Award !

The rules of this award are:
 Tell us 10 things about yourself
Pass it along to others

So - THANK You Jamie
Im not sure what a "Sugar Doll" is or if I actually qualify as one but I am honoured that you included me in your post and am happy to participate  
Does it matter that you are the only one who reads my blogs ? 
Heck no - not to me ! 
Your words touched my heart ( as always ) 
MJ @ The Muses of a Bug: MJ! We were partners in crime at Disney during our "Town Square" days at the Magic Kingdom. So many fond memories! She was such a huge supporter of my dreams and ambitions at Disney! She's one of those people whom you feel you were destined to meet!
Im not sure how to respond ...
I too savour the days we shared at Disney
That was a challenging time in my life but you - your positive uplifting support and friendship and never ending SMILE helped to HEAL me and my broken spirit.
Anyway ... 10 things - here ya go ! 
1. Im WEIRD. Always have been. Probably always will be ... 
2. Im an optimist. I see the glass as 1/2 full and strive to make it BETTER ! 
( I know - sounds like an oxymoron but when you think about it - doesnt it makes sense ? ) 
3. I LOVE my children more than life itself. 
They are the one thing I am TRUELY Proud of ...  though I know little credit is due to me they were the GREATEST Gift of my life ! 
They are BOTH WONDERFUL people in there own right and I am HONOURED to call them "friend" 
4. Someone once asked me what makes me "happy" ... and I can say - without hesitation - making those I care about  happy . 
( Im a fixer and nurturer by nature ) 
5. I LOVE to skydive ... though it is FLIGHT that is the real allure
6. Before I die I want to know that I am loved - unconditionally - by at least one other person
7. I love to read and learn and explore difference ideas and debate anything and everything ( from either side ) 
I love the mental exercise
8. I am more spiritual than anyone will ever know 
9. I mourn the passing of my Daddy EVERY day ... and now that my mum is being slowly taken form me ... I am SO aware of my own mortality
10. I bit my toenails 

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Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Awww thanks for the kind words! I really enjoyed reading your "10 things" ... and I can really relate to not only loving your children (in my case, "child") more than life itself but also becoming painfully aware of our own mortality. I never thought life would feel this short! I truly hope our paths cross again because I just want to give you a big ole' hug! Now hop on a plane and come over to visit!!