Wednesday, June 23, 2010

October 07 - The Pines Speak

Its a "Blustery Day " as my friend Pooh would say ..
A  North wind and subsequent cold front has blown in.
There are white caps on the lake.
They blow straight towards the house stopping only at the bulkhead and sea wall.
Splashing up with a rhythmic beauty my eyes are held to the windows at the beautiful yet powerful site.
The rain is bone chilling.
Every once in a while the dogs bark and I jump when a branch or limb falls hard on the roof.
Johnny promised that would be the NEXT project ( replacing it - the roof )
A break in the action allows the girls and I to go out a par ooze the premises.
There are limbs everywhere. They need to be picked up.  Ill save that for another days work ....
The pine trees wave to and fro not unlike they did in the Panhandle of Florida and Lorne Park Estates on the shores of Lake Ontario so many years ago ... 
My mind locks.
I am taken back to my childhood where - roaming the Park on just such occasions, my mother and I would delight in the majesty of such sounds.
The air even smells "familiar"
It must be all the pine ?
I inhale
I am breathing
I can hear my heart beat but I am relaxed
I am at Peace
I am in a GOOD place
I am taken

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