Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Justice - January 2008

Justice …
Is there really such a thing ?
I am standing in a place where I see none of it
He has lied - cheated - and stole
And continues to do so
He sees himself "above the law" and of ill reproach
I have offered out forgiveness and reconciled to the fact that the person I knew is no more ...
I have tried to behave with dignity and grace
It is SO hard
All I want is the TRUTH
And I want them to be known
Not mine
THE Truth ...
And I KNOW there is one burred deep within the anger and hatred that have boiled over and infested all the areas of both our lives
I am standing in a place - alone
Hurt and humiliated
Broken - emotionally and financially
I am feeling that ...
If there is any "justice" in this twisted up judicial system that the United States of America seems to be so proud of - it exists - and is given to - only those who can lie the BEST !

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