Wednesday, June 23, 2010

January 08 - New Years Reflections - A Year in Review ( 2007 )

It was only a year ago ... TODAY - I was on my "first official vacation" with the Tubbs family ... a group of eclectic individuals I would soon become a part of ... if only on the outer limits.
We were in Keystone, Colorado - the place where - co incidentally - we have just returned from
I was meeting the kids - "his kids" - for the very first time - an experience similar to - only ten times worse than - meeting the parents !
Drugged up on pain pills - still learning to navigate my crutches - a condition which was a bi product of me crushing my foot in October - it wasn't the "best" of experiences but ... it was - as are all things in my life - an experience ( to say the least )
February was filled with heart ache and trepidation.
I had my "first official divorce hearing" - one of which would turn out to be a long series of frustrations
I DID fly to Houston to "SURPRISE" JT for Valentines Day and that was - of course - the high light of that month.
In March - I tired to work
Thank Goodness for Ms Tiff.
She moved in, held my hand, drove me around and helped me re negotiate my life style.
Jonni~Renee was home for two weeks as well.
We had a GLORIOUS Girls Night Out and got to "bond" before she was off traveling the world again - this time to the Baltic's.
In April - my beloved son BJ decided to move back with his father.
This was a decision that was a long time in the making ... one that / who's writing was clearly "on the wall" but nonetheless no easier for this mother to accept or deal with.
Upset and despondent - I spent most of the month in the arms of the man I was falling in love with ... my friend and companion - JT
By May - MY writing was clearly on the wall.
I knew I had to be out of my accommodations and so the hunt began to find a new nest of my own.
I also was fortunate enough to finally close on the lake house in Jackson County which freed up enough cash for me to pay off all my accumulating debt and take care of most of BJs medical expenses as well.
I began in earnest - the healing process that each individual must do after any major life change ( s ) .
Thru massage, hypno therapy and counseling - not to mention my beloved skydiving - I was able to find my core and set myself up for the new journey I was about to embark on.
In June I began to sort thru - purge - and pack my belongings.
That process included making numerous trips back and forth to Jackson County collecting what little of my life that remained there.
It was a cathartic experience all on its own !
July was spent in Texas - again with the man I have come to know as one of my greatest mentors ...
Without his love and support - not to mention encouragement - I am sure I would not have faired as well as I did
We made some WONDERFUL JUMPS ( and memories ) and just being in Texas - away from "it all" - provided me with the much needed sanctuary and time to collect my thoughts and energy.
By August I had made two offers on two properties - neither of which came to fruition.
Frustrated and confused I tried to stay focused on the task at hand.
In September - back in Texas - we decided to take our relationship to the next level.
By October - I was ready to - and moved !
In all THAT commotion - Jonni~Renee blew in for a two week visit before she accepted her next "gig" in Macau China.
November was spent unpacking and re organizing "my life" as I knew it.
By December - I was a "Texan" - and a Tubbs - for all intensive purposes
Marty Skydive is looking forward to 2008 with the excitement and innocence of the child within
Breathing, staying in the moment - and yes - still paying it forward - I KNOW - thru FAITH and GRACE - this is where I am suppose to be ...

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