Wednesday, June 23, 2010

November 07 - To Purge - Cleanse - And Let Go ( I hope )

Change - especially as radical and definitive as death - often brings out the very best ( and worst ) in people ....
Most people dont like "change" - It takes them outside the box - outside their comfort zone - where they may even have to face "reality"
I lost a friend this past week ... we all did - but the resulting chaos that ensued over the circumstances is almost unbelievable and inexcusable to say the least. 
People have said and done things I thought they would never have been capable of and I have been left heart broken, sadden and numb.
It is going to take me quite a while to digest all that has transpired and I am not sure I will ever really be able to look at the Skydiving Community in quite the same light ever again
You see - I am a "newbie" and like many others - I came into this sport at a time in my life when I was trying to recover from ( several ) tragic situations.
In the skydiving community I found hope, support and comradely. I found a place where - thru a common interest ( passion ) - I felt like I belonged.
I was blown away by the feeling of brotherhood amongst you.
But now - I am shell shocked. The back stabbing and guilt mongruling comments flying around the internet - and Lord knows where else - have left my tummy tied up in knots.
Enough is enough
Truth is - we may never know the truth - not about this situation - or any other.
Though truth is constant and unchanging - our perception of it is not. Time and emotions change things and so we are each - individually - eventually left to reconcile within our own heart and mind "what is and what was"
I do believe in karma and what goes around will come around so if there was any type of malice or negativity involved here - and I am not saying that there is - I am simply stating that - eventually - the Universe will set things straight
Or So think I ...
One thing I think and hope we can ALL agree on is that Scott was a definite "one in a million" type guy.
His spirit - almost child like and innocent beyond reproach - allowed him to rise above the moment and continue to smile and bring joy and positive energy to everyone and everything he encountered - even when - often times - those of us around him - me included - may have behaved otherwise.
I cant help but wonder what he would think of all of us now ?
I - for one - believe it is time we just "let it go". I believe in my heart this is what Scott would want too ...
The REALITY is - we are ALL going to die.
How many of us will be lucky enough to go out doing something we love ?
Scott had the privilege of doing just that ... and somehow - I think - he will be there to meet us again one day - check us all in with that great big grin, pat on the back or knuckle knock that he has become so "famous" for !
Scottie - Thanx for the memories - for being such a GREAT friend to me when I was "all alone", for always helping me with all my "stuff" , for eating all my candy ( and  you still owe me a bag of skittles by the way ) and for sharing your "butts and bathroom" duty with me ! You made my world a better place and the things you taught me shall never be forgotten ... AMEN

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