Wednesday, June 23, 2010

October 07 - Pines Speak / Chapter 2

Before I get into the above for mentioned dissertation ... has anyone ever found it odd that with all the categories available to choose from I continually select "life"...
And WHEN is Tom going to put "spell check" on this dang thing ?
I have asked him ( several times ) - but apparently I am not important enough to be acknowledged...
And - whilst I am venting - does anyone know how to upload a particular song if you can not find it in the music category so that you can have a non available song choice as yours 
Ok - back to Chapter Two ...
Today - much the same - only SUN ( and Blue Skies ) Strange - no aromas though ? 
As the sun set - so too did the wind ... settling down into only the occasional gust. Gentle breezes. Only whispers in the trees. 
Tomorrow it will be calm again - or so it does appear - but oh - what a WILD ride it was. 
Racing down memory lane, aloft in the wind - like a kite sailing off thru the skies - I took my journey - owned it - and am now wiser and richer for it  

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