Wednesday, June 23, 2010

December 07 - About Me

Once upon a time - in a land far far away... a little girl came into this world. Her journey - unbeknownst to most - including herself - was to be that of a messenger. It took a long long time - and a very twisted path - for her to reconcile that fact but now that she has - she has found an inner peace and contentment to deal with all that which is put before her.
Truth is - it was there all along - she just chose to "fight it"
Her true heart and soul revel in the fact that she CAN "Pay It Forward" and make a difference - one moment at a time - one person at a time - and that the Universe will take care of the rest.
The secret is to BREATH - stay in the moment - and be REAL !
My life is only as I see it - It is as irrelevant to you - as is anyone else's life that you don't know or are not a part of ... I get to determine my self worth - not you ( or anyone else )  
If you dare to want to know me - you must care enough to try.
You are a witness to my existence - not that which determines it. 

I believe I am very often misunderstood. I don't see things the way most people do. 
Finally - I am at PEACE with that !

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