Wednesday, June 23, 2010

November 07 - Relationship Ditty

Relationships are one of the most confusing things in the Universe to me right now ...
Big Surprise there eh - LOL
This past weekend - well - four days actually - I got to sit around and do a LOT of thinking. As dangerous as that may be - I was able to gain some clarity on some concepts and issues that have been haunting me for some time now.
Articulation was the key - Semantics
I was finally able to express in words and understand the emotions that reside within me and torment my every waking thought. Trying to make logic of feelings. Trying to reconcile them with what my mind maps have established.
This was the challenge that I now believe I may have over come - if only temporarily.
The BEST kind of relationship is the one that awakens the soul. It is the kind that make us reach for more - even when we can reach no more. With passion planted in our hearts yet a peace of mind and calm quiet contentment of the spirit - the BEST relationships challenge us to grow and become the BEST person we can be and in so doing become the person we were intended to be.  

PS Though this could be applied to interpersonal relationships - and certainly is to my new, exciting and challenging  life - it was the relationship of me to the sky - and skydiving - that inspired this self revelation. I spent the last 4 days having the privilege of watching some of the most dog gone kool people being exposed to, learning and conquering some outrageously awesome new skills and feats in the sky - both on a personal level and as it applies to the others they were flying with !    
Someday - I too hope to join them !

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