Tuesday, March 16, 2010

STUFF ( Aug 08 )


We have become so "stuff" oriented ...

Never did I realize that more than when I went thru my separation and divorce process.

The Sperm Donner had taken off with - and "hidden" MOST of our "stuff" - telling anyone who would listen he was going to stash as much of it away as he could because he was certain I was going to "screw him" in the divorce (?)

Not sure of the thinking there but ...

This whole "stuff" thing has been re enforced even stronger due to the fact that I have been in Texas now almost a year a MOST of my "stuff" - which I will remind you has been reduced to 67 plastic container / bins now placed neatly in a storage unit I pay $250 a month for the pleasure of keeping  - I would use the word tubs but that sounds strangely inappropriate at this moment - most of those bins containing  "stuff" I have been saving for my kids - are STILL in storage.

Point is ...
I am back to thinking about "stuff" and I have made some additional observations and suggestions to help those of you who may want to rid yourself of "stuff"

First - Avoid people who want you to want more stuff...
Throw away catalogs without reading them.
Don't watch commercials on television.
Don't read the ads in the weekly paper.
Don't hang out in shopping areas for recreation.
Next - Realize how much junk you have now and how much trouble it is.

PS Take a complete inventory of your house contents for insurance purposes.

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Jaime @ Our Journey said...

I should have read this post before I went pottery shopping in Poland!