Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strange Vibrations ( and Narnia ) ( July 08 )

The Universe is churning
There are strange vibrations and happenings to be sure
It’s a FULL moon
Everyone I know - especially those who are close to me - including myself - seem to be going thru some "major shit" and having to face themselves and their character straight up and personal 
I have spent the last few days embroiled in emotional upheaval
I did not and could not feel right
My skin was crawling
My stomach in knots
I was on the verge of loosing it ALL
Then - today - it ALL became CLEAR
I had to write
Not for myself but for others
Some of it has legal implications but that is not the point of this blog
Whilst sifting thru my previous dossiers I came across the title Narnia
I HAD to open it up and SEE what I wrote
And now I HAVE to share ...
I'm not clear on the meaning but feel sure it is what I am to do ...
I know there is someone out there who NEEDS this

Growing up ... I was never much of a "reader". I was always wanting to be outside ... doing "something" .
I skated thru school by the seat of my pants and to this day I will never truly understand how or why I was accelerated so many times ?
One day - much to my parents relief - Mrs. Gundill , my 5th grade teacher, at the end of her wits I am sure, TRYING to get me to take the saddle and become a member of the readers club -suggested a book called "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe"
Half-heartedly I obliged. Actually - I was afraid she would make me stay in for detention or something. She was a very strict English School Marm. Never had any children herself. She had taught both my brother and my sister and lived in Lorne Park Estates so she already knew way too much about me to begin with!
In any event - I read the book and much to my surprise - could not put it down.
It was in fact - my introduction or "hook" into the literary world - much like Harry Potter has been for millions of young ( and old ) readers today.
Can you imagine my glee when I learned they would be bringing my mentor to screen ?
I have anxiously awaited this moment and this weekend - with my Bestest Buddy BJ and my "other son" Joe - I will have the privilege to once again entre the enchanted world of Narnia!
I cant help but think as my life continues to undergo these upheavals and transitions - none of which I asked for and none of which I wanted to be sure - all of which I have fought against ( or until most recently anyway ) - as I slip into these uncharted waters - isn't it nice - and somehow ironic - that a part of my childhood, a part of my past that provided me with the strength and security that has enabled me to deal with all that I have dealt with over the past few years - has suddenly re emerged ...
I truly believe all things happen for a reason and as someone very dear to me most recently pointed out ( and reminded me ) - NIKE - Just Do It - !
Fate or serendipity?
Who knows - I am only glad and looking forward to the joy that I know it will bring to me
Yeah - One of those "warm and fuzzes" I was talking about the other day !

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