Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Road Less Traveled and April Showers

Hoping for May flowers ... 
What a month !
It actually started in March when the rug was pulled out from under me ( again ) and all my dreams - life as I knew it - and what I thought I had been creating - was destroyed
When I finally came up for air I realized ALL things happen for a reason and I am better off not being subjected to all the negativity, lies and deceptions
Now - all that is left to do is rebuild - AGAIN 
Re establish
Pick up the pieces - set and be clear on my priorities - and move on
The key - as always - is to thy own self be TRUE 
Someone must think I have a BIG Plate because the shit just keeps being piled on ...
Trying to be and stay POSITIVE 
The glass is 1/2 empty and I am proud of it 
There is ALWAYS room for improvement 
I am SO Thankful for my health, my children and my friends - some of whom I did not even realize that I had 
Funny how when we are down on our knees - broken and humbled - perspectives become clear
GREAT "Reality Check" ( even if it is MY Reality ) 

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