Friday, January 30, 2009

Internal Rumblings

Churning inside the depth of my soul 
Thoughts and feelings merging into one undeniable truth 
Mind sets and arch types slowly crumbling 
What was once seemingly un penetratable  is now porous  and fragile to the point of disintegration 
Just because you share blood does not make you family 
Just because you are family does not make you friends 
Just because you are friends does not make you immune to departure or termination
Everything has a season and reason 
I have stated this is so many ways so many times before 
Time speeds up near the end 
There is only one truth 
Reality is what we make it by the manifestations and distortions - denials and manipulations of our environment
Each one of us has the power to make or break our own condition
We are all part of one 
Our spiritual well being ultimately depends on our ability to recognize and adapt to this fact
The economy of life 
Supply and demand 
Survival of the fittest is just the free market ebbing and flowing thru its natural cycle 
Nothing is complicated 
Just not easy 
Hell on earth 
Death as transition 
Less is more 
It is in giving that we receive 
Paying it forward 
Post cript 
I STILL bite my toenails ...

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