Friday, May 15, 2009

Roots and Seeds

Surviving Mothers Day 
Another commercial occurrence that has gotten WAY out of hand ( my opinion ) 
Why do you need a "special" day to recognize your mother ? 
EVERY Day is Mothers Day !
Ok - so I stole that one from Joan Lunden - but its TRUE !
I always get weirded out by the celebration and this year was no different - actually - even worse
First - it was just days previous that my beloved daughter had been attacked by Pirates off the Coast of Somali 
TRUE that ! 
What a horrific feeling for a mother to know their child is in harms way and there is NOTHING they can do about it ( except pray - which I did profusely
I had been in that place before when my son was diagnosed with a brain tumour 
Not "fun" 
No secret what that - and subsequent events - did to my life ! 
This year was especially emotional because - not only was I wrestling with all of the above aforementioned emotions but my mother - bless her soul - is battling Alzheimer's and - recently - has had a lot of challenges 
As it has happened before - I was reminded of the circle of life - and just how precious it can be  
Not to be too Carrie Bradshawish here but - the season finally of Greys Anatomy addressed this very same issue
I am AMAZED at the TRUTH in the "just stay in the moment" - "be real" - "make sure you tell those you care about how you feel" and "dont sweat the small stuff" ufanisms are ... 
I have been Blessed with my ROOTS and My Seeds
And for THIS I give Thanx to My Lord 
Amen - Amin - Ahay

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