Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Heartfelt Artful Subject

Human egos to be exact 
I believe they are what is at the root of all evil 
It is from ego that our selfish wants and desires flow thru and manifest themselves into this world 
Without ego - without the "me" aspect of our psyche  - a more transcendental, peaceful, empathetic creature would exist 
Of this - I am almost sure 
Does it matter who wrote the words, who penned the tune or who took the picture ? 
Is art not art for arts own sake ? 
Can we not just share the joy and beauty amongst us ?
Let it flow ...
Free from the chains of servitude and obligation associated with some economic outcome ? 
Creativity - a universal expression of that part of us which is driven to bring into being  - in one form or another - that idea / ideal and make it a reality here on earth ?
Can not all just embrace without censorship or obsession as to who did what when , where and why ?  
By imposing our ego - and numerous other distasteful behaviours - upon that which is - in its true sense - beauty incarnate - we can often destroy the very essence of that  which had made it so and worthy in the first place 
In turbulent times and with limited opportunities for such sensual joy and fulfillment I think it is criminal for some to rob others of these limited windows of pleasure 
We all need to remember and hold fast to the idea that it is in giving that we receive
Pay It Forward 

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