Sunday, December 18, 2011

Listening ...

Strange things happen when you sit still and listen
Then again - maybe not so strange
I am conflicted
As usual
Again - not so strange
I so desperately want to fix myself and become whole
I feel like I am close ...
I have found some interesting pieces to the puzzle
I just need to put them all together
Isabelle is a key
But it is a piece that will not fit until I finish other work
Last night I asked for more work
This morning I went to my daily inspirations - quotes from Rumi and Khalil Gibran
I havent sought them out in weeks ...
I usually greet them each morning on my phone for some daily wisdom
These past few weeks I have been remiss
Today though was different
As I lay in the bed with one half of my world ( my BEAUTIFUL daughter ) I logged into my mentors
Rumi reminded me that it is not love I should seek but all the barriers that I have built within myself against it ...
Then Gibran spoke of how your children are not of you but thru you
I KNEW that one
My kids are my LIFE !
They are the BEST Part of my journey here on earth ...
If nothing else I KNOW I have been BLESSED and I am HONOURED to have had them in my life
PS My job in the next few weeks is to take these pieces of my sort them out, put them in order and hopefully add them to my Tapestry of Dreams ( that was a Disney Parade that Jonni~Renee was in. Her FIRST of many during her Disney carreer. )

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