Monday, November 7, 2011

Integrity - Revisited ( from May 2011 )

A topic near and dear to my heart ...
It is how I try to live my life - though lately seems to be lost in the chaos / drama and delusions of others ...
It seems to me that integrity is what happens when your thoughts - words - and actions are literally "integrated" into the same set of overall values.
Unfortunately ... it is quite often the case - that what we think and say is little more than wishful thinking -having almost nothing - or very little to do - with how we actually act.
I have come to wonder how anyone can really trust us when it's far from clear if we will do what we say?
We need to consider the development of integrity as the natural outcome of delving deeply into our hearts - which is - or should be - where our core values are to be found.
The first step is to explore what really matters to us.
Everyone has different principles / priorities - though there may be some that are universal
I think the "Golden Rule" is a GOOD place to start ... 
The key is to decide what is most important to us.
It's impossible to uphold every principle at once.
We are diverse and unique individuals but I believe there has to be a common thread that runs between us all - no matter what our persuasion
Im a visual person so I like to think of it as this ...
The width of your heart is about your relationships - and includes both the left side - for listening -  and the right side - for speaking.
The height of the heart is where you hold your cherished principles ...
It gives you the strength to hold fast to them.
If we could all just take a little time to develop our own bank of integrity and then focus on our common threads - maybe - just maybe - a new sense of TRUST would develop and we could all take a Giant Leap Forward ! 
Just think'n - say'n- and hopefully - act'n

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KW said...

Now, what is that guy doing to that kid by the tree on a big moon? Just kidding. Yes, sometimes our integrity is tested. I know mine got tested alot this past year. But you just bite your tongue and move through the day. Eventually, you wake up on the other side going, "why did I get so bent out of shape?"

good post btw.