Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Pines DO Speak ...

Pines In Texas

I pulled up into the driveway
It was dark for I had forgotten to leave the porch light on when I had left earlier this morning
Actually - I wasnt anticipating getting home quite so late
No matter - the illumination from the moon was more than enough to get me to my destination safely
I turned off the car and reached across the console to gather my belongings
Stepping out of the car into the quiet of the night I noticed an old familiar smell ...
Taking a deep breath I looked up and watched the wind dance thru the trees.
Peering out through the clouds was the moon who would soon guide me up the path to the door.
For now though I just stood
Frozen in time between two places very different yet somehow much the same.
Where WAS I ?
Here - in Montgomery Texas where many strange twists of fate have brought me to a place I would never have been able to predict
I had traveled back in time ...
I was in the "Park"
I was standing on our street - Burns Avenue ...
I was SAFE !
The smell was the same ...
The branches reached out to embrace me
I could FEEL it
How could this be ?
Two places becoming one
Suddenly I awoke
My moment was gone
The pounding of my heart so strong I thought I was going to wake the neighbours up
I heard the dogs bark ...
Johnny drove up the road
I was back in Texas - in the here and now
( For now ... ) 
Pines In Lorne Park, Ontario, Canada
( taken on the path that led from my childhood home to the lake ) 

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