Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love In Our Lives

As Ive gotten older I have come to realize that time is fleeting ...
Over the past few weeks that point was driven home and has become even more crystal clear
I dont want to waste whatever time I have left
I want to spend it with people I love - doing things I love ( or at least enjoy ) - and I want to make a difference ( hopefully in a positive way )
I dont know who or what is meant to be in my life but I do know I have the power to make the best of it
And in all this I believe the secret is love
I believe the way to recognize true love is to understand that it is in fact a verb - an action - manifested in and thru you
It seems to me to be when - from your position - someone or something elses interests trump and usurp your own
Love is when you sacrifice - only its not - because it is a selfless choice you gladly make
And in this action you find some of the most genuine satisfaction of your life
You have to recognize love when it comes into you life
You have to know it - see it - and go after it - recognizing that there is always a risk associated with it
There is no guarantee that who or what you love is going to love you back
And even if you find love - you always run the risk of loosing it
Nothing lasts forever ...

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Jaime said...

Very nice. I like that you describe love as a "verb" ... so true!