Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Would Have Thought ...

I met someone ... 
Don't really want to say too much about it 
May "jinx" it and all 
But I DID want to "share" ( and document ) the occasion ! 
So ... 
It was TOTALLY Unexpected 
Obviously - I wasn't looking 
Heck - I cant even get thru most days without crying ( yet ) 
But just when you think - no - its not possible - there they are - right there in front of you 
Literally ! 
Ummm ... 
So about this person ..,
Well - even though I have kind of known them all my life I really didn't notice them until very recently
They are SO Unique
This person is KIND 
Kinder than most give them credit - including themselves - I am sure
They are very gentle and tender hearted - though they may come across as a little tough and aloof
I think that's probably just a protection mechanism because kids and animal LOVE them 
( and really - who would know better ) 
This person is bright
VERY Bright ! 
Again - I think this person is a lot brighter than they give themselves credit for 
And of course they are Cute 
ADORABLE actually  
But I am sure they do not see themselves that way 
This person seems very multi dimensional
They are spiritual ( but not religious ) 
There are few topics - so far - that they haven't been able to engage in 
They are well read - and if they don't know something they are not afraid to admit it - research it - and then come back with an educated idea or opinion. 
This person has a sense of ethics and morality and places a high premium on both 
They are endowed with integrity beyond most 
This person takes care of themselves - or at least they try - physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually
I LIKE that 
They are independent and do not need anybody or anything to make them "complete" 
This person is honest - to a fault - and it has gotten them into some trouble throughout the years but I don't think they would ever change anything they have ever said or done 
That is just the way they are 
I haven't taken this person skydiving yet but I cant wait ! 
I REALLY want to share "my joy" with them ...
Like I said - it is ALL "Very New"
We have SO Much to EXPLORE  
Together ...
But so far - I am IMPRESSED ! 
Who would have thought ? 
Whats that phrase from the Wizard of Oz ... 
"if you ever go looking for your hearts desires again - don't look any further than your own back yard - because if it isn't there - then you never lost it to begin with" 

1 comment:

KW said...

It's me, isn't it?

No, wait, they aren't skydivers. Well, I haven't skydived in a while.

Congrats. I hope you find the peace and love and fun you deserve.