Sunday, October 16, 2011

"That Place" ( Back To The Lake )

As I sit on the back porch listening to the wind dance thru the trees I am taken back once again to that place I once "belonged"  ...
There is a boat out on the lake pulling a small child on wake board
The hum of the engine is so familiar and serves only to solidify that place in my mind where I am about to go
Its cool here today
There is NO humidity
In Canada this would be referred to as a "perfect" summer day
But here - in Florida - it is only considered a reprieve from the oppressive heat.
No matter
This is irrelevant
The weather is what constituted and originally set me off on this mental journey down memory lane
I close my eyes and remember happier times
I take myself BACK to that place ...
I'm not going to tell you it was perfect because it was not
Nothing ever is
But is was real ...
Well - it was REAL - to me
There was a TRUTH - of sorts -  even when I may have preferred otherwise
It wasnt perfect either - but the older I get - the more I come to appreciate - and realize - it was better than most will ever know or experience
There was a lake
A lake ...
There were boats
( Ah - were there boats ... )
But those memories might best be assigned to another blog where they can be better served and appreciated with proper attention and prose
Back to THAT place ...
There was always conversations
Again - it may not have always been what I wanted to hear - but it was ALWAYS engaging
There was food
The BOUNTY of "summer"
That particular collection of substances we were privileged to enjoy but only for that limited window of seasonal time and opportunity
Then - at the end of the day there was a bed
There was a warm, comfy bed with LOTS of pillows and blankets - all of which smelled DEVINE
And finally ...
There were HUGS ...
LOTS of them
Daddy ALWAYS made SURE of THAT !
I can SMELL this place
It is a SPECIAL Place ...
Is it any wonder why I want to go back there now?

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KW said...

This is so weird. I can post on this one, but I can't on the other one. I just want to say cool blog and I feel the same way about missing the face that I'm NOT in Arizona competing and going for Gold this year. I got a little misty eyed when I wished my fellow competitors from Skydive Carolina good luck.