Tuesday, September 13, 2011

R - E - S - P - E - C - T

Respect ... 
Thats all I want 
Is it too much to ask for ? 

What is it with my kids ? 

With EVERYTHING I do - have done - and will continue to do for them ... 
WHY do they think they can speak to me with such DISRESPECT ? 

I know what you are thinking ... they do it because I allow them to right ? 

Well - maybe ???
( I dont mean to ... ) 

I cant STAND it ! 

Im almost 50 years old and they talk to me like I am a piece of dirt on their shoe 

How can I impress upon them how HATEFUL they are being to me ? 
How can I make them see how HURTFUL they are being to me ? 
HOW can I make them STOP ? 

Tonight I will lay my head down and PRAY that somehow - someway - someday - the Universe will reach out and make them realize I am a person - with feelings - and I deserve MORE ! 

" I am Good - I am Smart - and I am Important" 
( And So It Will Be ) 

PS I LOVE them SO Much ... They are My HEART and SOUL 

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